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JUNE 21, 2010

My daughter and 3 grandchildren helped me to celebrate my 73rd birthday by taking me fishing on the Long Pier in Redington Shores, Florida (just a bit south of St. Petersburg).  While we did not catch anything worth bringing home the water was teaming with bait fish and we did see many undersized Spanish Mackerel and a couple of big Barracudas (10 to 15 lb range).  The Gulf here was clear and clean and beautiful – and hot; the water temperature was about 89 degrees.  We had a great day and I had almost as much fun catching bait fish on a 6-hook Sabiki Rig as I would have had catching bigger fish!

Left to Right:  My daughter, Terri, my grandson, Chris, Me, and my granddaughters, Ellie and Andrea

As you can see, my granddaughter, Andrea Willingham, took some excellent photographs from the pier:

Terri, my daughter, also got a great shot of the beginning of the pier, (the pier actually extends 1,200′ into the Gulf of Mexico) and the clean, white, beach:

I took these photo of the pier a few days earlier:



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