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I went into my utility shed for a few moments yesterday, and when I came out this guy was apparently waiting for me.  He followed me down the walkway, across the seawall, and up to my back porch:

A Beautiful White Heron (also known as a Great White Heron or a Great White Egret)

I think he was trying to talk to me as I sat at a table on the porch and photographed him:
but I couldn’t figure out what he was trying to say
so I went inside and closed the back door; then I peaked out of the window and discovered that he was standing just outside the door:  I had to grab the camera, go out the front door and run around the house to get this picture:

Who’s There?

I have no doubt that if I had left the door open, he would have come right on in!
This guy also came calling:

A juvenile Blue Heron

These beautiful birds are obviously looking for food and although my neighbors – most of whom have gone north for the summer – often feed them hot dogs and other junk food, I refuse to feed them anything (but they watch me catch bait and fish, and they still come looking for handouts)!

A not-so-green juvenile Little Green Heron

An Adult Green Heron


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