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While listening to NBC News, Channel 8, in Tampa Bay this afternoon a discussion about whether or not foods containing GMOs are safe to eat caught my attention.   The commentator mentioned the five worst foods containing GMOs just before signing off, but moments later I could only recall 4 of them:  Corn, Soybeans, Canola Oil, and Sugar.  This caused me to go online to see if I could identify the fifth worst food.  That’s when I discovered how much confusion really exists today on this subject.  It does appear that most opponents of GMO foods would also include Papayas, dairy products, tomatoes, and zucchini and yellow squash in the worst GMO foods list, but the list can go on and on.

Being 76 years old I don’t think I need to worry about dying because I ate foods containing genetically modified organisms, however, I really do not like the idea of eating something that a worm will not eat!  When I was just a little kid growing up on a farm in English Creek, New Jersey, we raised and sold corn.   In those days, the corn was so sweet Corn Earworms attacked the ears of corn and one could almost always find one or more gnawing away at the small kernels just under the silk at the top of the vegetable when it was husked.  Nobody was upset by this; one just hacked off the top of the ear of corn, or cut out the part that was ruined by the worm.  This was a common practice in those days.  NOW that corn is being treated with GMOs even the worms won’t eat it!

One of the biggest issues concerning foods containing GMOs appears to be whether or not mandatory labeling should be required.  I found an excellent article regarding this subject, posted on October 17, 2012, in the Huffington Post. It is well worth reading:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/caroline-j-cederquist-md/prop-37-california_b_1971259.html.  While it seems that the issue of labeling may also go on and on, I think I have a simple solution to this problem.  Rather than have growers and packers explain on a label what GMOs are contained in their product, why not simply label the food that does not contain genetically modified organisms?  Perhaps something like this:


Please remember, we are not only dealing with foods like those listed above when it comes to GMOs.  We also have FRANKENFISH, and who knows what else!  This information comes from an article posted in MSN News in May, 2013:

“Just in time for salmon season, the Food and Drug Administration is on the verge of approving genetically modified salmon, dubbed “frankenfish” by some and considered a wunderfish by others.

The salmon would be the first-ever transgenic animal (one that carries a foreign gene that has been inserted into its DNA) to be available to both U.S. and world consumers. It looks like any other salmon, but there is a definite twist.

Exacerbating criticism, current laws and initial reports suggest the fish would not be required to be labeled, a point the FDA has not yet determined. “A decision has not yet been made regarding labeling for AquAdvantage Salmon,” an FDA spokeswoman told MSN News last week.”

“. . . Detractors claim that the FDA, scientific and agency reviews fall short, and that there are several lingering health and environmental issues associated with the genetically modified (or GM) salmon. Environmentalists are concerned that AquAdvantage fish will escape and reproduce, threatening the wild population. Food safety and health activist groups feel that current testing can’t rule out unknown risks to human health. The Organic Consumers Union claims that AquAdvantage contains elevated levels of the growth hormone IGF-1, which is linked to prostate, breast and colon cancers.”




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