A growing collection of facts, thoughts and events from a 80-year-old man and his family, friends, and the characters that he has met along the way . . .

Are you being discriminated against because you have lived too long?  I know that I am. I’m 80 years old; soon to become 81, and my automobile insurance has increased 1,939.75% since I owned this beautiful 1955 Plymouth Belvedere Convertible:

1955 Plymouth Convertable.jpg

My 1955 Plymouth Belvedere Convertible (wish I still owned it today)

When I bought this car in 1960, auto insurance cost about $500.00 a year.  Now, in 2018, my auto insurance runs about $1,860.00 a year, and it increases every six months.


If my calculations are correct, the cost of automobile insurance has increased approximately 372% since 1960, and my fixed Social Security retirement income increased a whopping $42.00@month  this year due to a 2% Cost-of-living increase (and medicare gobbled up $30 dollars of that leaving me with just $12.00 extra to spend each month (on what – Automobile Insurance)?

I have owned and driven automobiles for over 60 years now and have never had an accident that was my fault (although my GMC Jimmy was rear-ended and totaled while I stood standing still at a stop light, waiting for the light to change in 2007 ).  I have not had a traffic ticket during the past 25 years.  In August of 2016 I took (and passed) a Florida 6-hour Mature Drivers Course, and I have been taking a similar course every 3 years for many, many, years now.  My State of Florida Drivers License displays a Gold Star (safe driver award) (And I only drive around 6,000 miles annually now; everything I need or want is close by).


Automobile insurance now consumes a little over 9% of my net income.  Why?  Because I bought a new(er) car – a 2015 Hyundai Accent GLS –



My 2015 Hyundai (The Silver Bullet)

and because I have grown older?  Looking back over my records I have discovered that I only paid $66.75 for car insurance for the month of August, 2014.  Similarly, I paid $70.29 for the same month in 2015; $87.10 in 2016, $86.90 in January of of 2017, and now, I have to pay $155.17 this month (March, 2018).  That is an increase in the cost of my auto insurance of 178.56% just since January of 2017!  Try comparing that to a 2% COLA !!!

Truthfully, I don’t understand why I have to pay such an exorbitant amount of money for car insurance.  I’m insured by Geico, and I thought perhaps they were screwing me. However, after trying to find a better rate, I have discovered that Geico is giving me the best deal that I can find (thank you, Geico) (and I have no affiliation with Geico nor do I expect any rewards for making this admission – I probably won’t even get a visit from a big, green, gecko).  Every insurance company from which I have recently requested a quote, including but not limited to Progressive and The General and State Farm, and Allstate, have all wanted more money than I am currently paying.  In fact one of those companies wanted a down payment of over $350, followed by 11 monthly payments of over $285.00!!!

If you find that you are in the same boat (err . . .car), and if you have any suggestions on how I can obtain a better auto insurance rate, I would love to see your comments.  If any of my readers happen to be politicians that want to help Senior Citizens lead a better life, please, please, do something to help regulate or make more affordable automobile insurance for us poor, old, aging folks.

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