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August, 1960

C-5-5 ON PARADE AUG 1960

Captain Leo M Roberts leading the Company

While rummaging through some old photos yesterday I not only located the photos that appear in this article, I also discovered this fantastic poem that was typed on a now yellowed and aged sheet of writing paper.  Since it was not signed by the author I am displaying it below in the hopes that someone might read it and recognize the author.


Do you recognize this poem?  It is likely that he is one of the soldiers pictured here, or in the barracks photos that will follow:


C-5-5, Barracks A &B


C-5-5, Barracks C & D

(I recognize Master Sgt Green behind the flag in the last photo)

I was stationed at Fort Jackson in 1960 and, if any of you were there, you will certainly remember what our barracks looked like in those days:


I have thought about removing the…

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Comments on: "Company C, 5th Battalion, 5th Training Regiment, Fort Jackson, South Carolina August, 1960" (4)

  1. Hi! Is there any way you can tell me some more information about this? I recently found a small passage scrap of this poem in some old family photos, supposedly written by a past relative of mine.

    • If your relative is the one who wrote this poem, he was probably stationed at Ft. Jackson, SC, sometime between April, 1960 and Jan 1962. It has been so long ago, I know longer remember the names of many of the soldiers in our training company, but training lasted 8 weeks and began in April (1960). He would have been a recruit or trainee in Company C, 5th Battalion, 5th Training Regiment. You will find photos of the entire company on my WordPress.com website and you or another member of your family might recognize the author of that poem. I did remain at Ft. Jackson after basic training and until January of 1962, but he probably shipped out (maybe went overseas) in late May or early June of 1962. If you come up with a name let know; I might recognize it. Ed.

  2. Hello, Cass. No, I do not recognize the name James Buckingham. However, there were approximately 160 men in training in Company C when I was among them (60 years ago). I went back through my memorabilia a short while ago and discovered one more poem, “A Soldier’s Prayer,” hand-written by one Henry Williams. Since this poem was hand-written and “Come to Fort Jackson” was typed I have no way of comparing the two. I don’t think I can attach A Soldier’s Prayer here, so I will attempt to add it to the original blog. Thanks for interest and please let me know if you come up with anything new. Ed

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