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August, 1960

C-5-5 ON PARADE AUG 1960

Captain Leo M Roberts leading the Company


While rummaging through some old photos yesterday I not only located the photos that appear in this article, I also discovered this fantastic poem that was typed on a now yellowed and aged sheet of writing paper.  Since it was not signed by the author I am displaying it below in the hopes that someone might read it and recognize the author.


While making one more attempt to determine the author of the poem pictured above, I went back through my albums and memorabilia this morning and re-discovered the poem copied below, “A Soldier’s Prayer.”   I do not remember Henry Williams and I still have no idea as to how these two poems ended up in my possession.  And, since one is typed and the other is hand-written, I have no way of determining of Henry wrote both poems.  Any additional information that anyone can contribute about these poems will be genuinely appreciated!

A Soldier's Prayer

Do you recognize this poem?  It is likely that he is one of the soldiers pictured here, or in the barracks photos that will follow:



C-5-5, Barracks A &B



C-5-5, Barracks C & D

(I recognize Master Sgt Green behind the flag in the last photo)

I was stationed at Fort Jackson in 1960 and, if any of you were there, you will certainly remember what our barracks looked like in those days:




I have thought about removing the third word of the second line of the last paragraph of the poem but have chosen not to do so and I sincerely hope that no one is offended by this; however, I do not want to alter this poem that so sincerely expressed the feelings of the author in any way!


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